You're tempted to do it. After all, your so called sales automation and CRM software has a button for it. It's right there. "Send email sequence" or "Send bulk email". Before you press that button, let me tell you what will happen.

Maybe you're a startup founder with a lot on your plate, or a CEO of a consulting firm. It's a Monday afternoon and you just finished a bunch of tasks on your todo list. There's just one left, reaching out to people and potential customers, or maybe you named it "Talk to users".

Nevertheless, you're tired after dealing with product updates, bug fixes. The usual. So you figure that, why not automate this tedious task of reaching out to people. Your software says it has personalization. So what the heck, right? You collect the email address and name of 50 people and click the "bulk send" button. Done.

But how do you feel? Do you feel good about yourself? Did you enjoy it? Did the work feel meaningful?

I've tried it. And I didn't. I felt horrible. Sure, as a software developer I like to automate things. But this just isn't one of those things. And let me tell you why.

1. There's a big difference between personalization and merge tags

Claiming that your software do personalized bulk emails is bullshit. Because personalization is not the same as a bunch of merge tags replacing ||NAME|| with your contacts name. Personalization is about tailoring and creating value for the person you're reaching out to.

Simply doing real personalized emails will give you a competitive edge today. Because the bar is very low.

2. You're setting yourself up for failure

For the past few years sales automation tools have become more and more common. In fact, it's so common it's almost a meme to receive these "personalized" emails ("Hey Fredrik!"). Taking time to do just 5 minutes of research and writing something thoughtful will put you in the top 1%, easily. While sending another automated email will put you in the bottom, and annoy people.

3. You mess up enjoyable work

Talking to people is interesting. Because humans are very interesting. At least if you bother to look. However, if you just blast people with automated emails, most people will just be annoyed with you. Some might reply, but probably not the people you're looking for.

So instead of making this into another dreaded task, enjoy the process, and you will see results too. I did. When I started putting some effort into my emails I had a bump in my response rate from around 10% to more than 50%. And people were nice.

4. Bigger picture: You're part of the problem

I love email. I'm very sentimental about it and have lovely memories of it. It's a beautifully simple way to communicate and I don't think it should be replaced by some centralized software owned by Big Corp. If you also think so, don't be a part of the spam problem that makes a lot of people hate it. Take action.

What's it going to be?

If you still think automated email is fine. Continue doing what you're doing. You're just lowering the bar for those who actually care and eventually you'll hit the spam box anyway.

I believe sales is not about blasting people with automated emails. I think sales should be fun and are making a better CRM system for it. If you think so to, join me. Check out and let me know what you think on Twitter @drikerf.